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Technology industry targeting foreign students (Vancouver Sun, February 7, 2008)
[British Columbia] Companies are checking out U.S. job fairs to find up to 10,000 new workers B.C.’s technology industry is ramping up efforts to recruit new workers with about 10,000 tech jobs up for grabs in the province this year.

Canada looks to Philippines for workers (Vancouver Sun, January 21, 2008)
Western Canada is turning increasingly to the Philippines as employers here struggle to fill tens of thousands of job vacancies.

Canada’s Ever-Changing Face (Vancouver Sun, December 5, 2007)
Land of Immigrants: One in Five Canadians born abroad
Languages: Canada is home to 150 languages
Newcomers: More from Asia and the Middle East than Europe
Richmond (Suburb of Vancouver) , BC,: Largest share of immigrants of any Canadian city

Multiculturally, we’re world-class (Vancouver Sun, December 5, 2007)
Metro Vancouver is now more multicultural than Miami, Los Angeles or New York City

Asian businesses have good reason to invest in B.C. (Vancouver Sun, October 8, 2007)

Powerful Taiwanese fund Canadian companies (Vancouver Sun, October 8, 2007)
Taiwan – backed businesses are found in a number of B.C. sectors.

Give thanks for strong Canadian economy (Vancouver Sun, October 8, 2007)   

B.C. Economy In Overdrive (Vancouver Sun, January 20, 2006)
B.C.'s growth rate to accelerate
Good Times: Growth through 2010 best in decades, economist says

B.C. construction industry looks to Europe for skilled tradespeople
(Vancouver Sun, Jan. 14, 2006)

Construction: Under the provincial nominee program, workers with talents to fill urgent needs can be fast-tracked to Canada - In a sector where it is feast or famine, the table is now overflowing…construction employment in the Vancouver area alone has risen from 50,000 in March to 80,000 in November

B.C. job economy sizzles (Vancouver Sun, Jan. 14, 2006)
B.C. led the nation in job growth in 2005 with the province’s unemployment rate falling 1.4 percentage points

Professional services lacking skilled workers (Vancouver Sun, Jan. 14, 2006)

Game industry serious about fun (Vancouver Sun, Jan. 7, 2006)
New Media: With help from tax breaks and great climate, Vancouver is becoming a world centre for video games

B.C. tops Canada’s job growth B.C.’s job boom (Vancouver Sun, Jan.7, 2006)
Employment: Increased construction led gains, with hot housing market, Olympic preparations

Asian impact shaped 2005 (Vancouver Sun, Dec. 26, 2005)
Trade: The West Coast met the East in ways that benefited both - 2005 The Year of the Boom: China wants trade with Canada to double to $30 billion US by 2010

Resource-rich provinces lead the way (Vancouver Sun, Dec. 23, 2005)
Domestic Growth: B.C. Alberta expected to prop up the country according to forecasts

Vancouver economy tops next year, board says (Vancouver Sun, Dec. 20, 2005)
Vancouver will have the fastest growing economy in the country next year with the white-hot construction sector leading the way.

Jobs boom poised to continue in Lower Mainland (Vancouver Sun, Dec. 13, 2005) EMPLOYMENT: 15 per cent of local Vancouver employers plan to hire new staff

Canada’s jobless rate forecast to be lowest in 30 years in ’06 (Vancouver Sun, Dec.13, 2005)

B.C. needs immigrants ‘to fill jobs’ (Vancouver Sun, Dec. 9, 2005)
EMPLOYMENT: There’s a shortage of skilled workers in the midst of a booming economy premier says

Jobs #1 B.C. leads the country (Vancouver Sun, Dec. 3, 2005)
Economy: Provincial jobless rate hits 30 year low as B.C. adds 18,000 new full-time jobs in a month. British Columbia’s booming economy produced more than half the new full-time jobs in Canada last month.

Business opportunities of Olympic proportions $4 billion (Vancouver Sun, Nov. 30, 2005)

Vancouver, Montreal ‘well positioned’ to attract global talent (Vancouver Sun, Nov.15, 2005)

Ben Brinkman a video producer for Electronic Arts, says “Vancouver is definitely the place to be right now”.

‘Misery index’ lowest in decades (Vancouver Sun, Nov. 10, 2005)
Canada’s misery index has fallen to its lowest level in decades, thanks to the combination of low rates of inflation and unemployment, a private-sector think tank says.

Canadian software companies bullish (Vancouver Sun, Nov. 7, 2005)
Technology:Expectations are for increased IT spending by businesses, doubling revenues

‘Growing pains’ coming economist warns B.C. (Vancouver Sun, Oct. 27, 2005)
…B.C. can expect in 2006 the strongest economic growth in Canada after Alberta

Small business owners in B.C. among the most optimistic in the country ( Vancouver Sun, September 29, 2005)

Vancouver job seekers in luck (The Province, September 13, 2005)
Manpower Survey: Thirty percent of area employers ready to hire

B.C. job growth leads nation ( Vancouver Sun, September 10, 2005)
The province has 70,800 new jobs, a 3.4 per cent increase in a year.

B.C.’s Knowledge Economy (Vancouver Sun, August 16, 2005)
Innovation is fuelling “a race to the top” for B.C.’s high-tech sector and spurring growth in the rest of the province’s booming economy
Booming Biotech: Life-sciences cluster grows to be among the continent’s largest

Gay couples urged to be mindful abroad ( Vancouver Sun, July 25, 2005)
“With Gay marriages now legal across Canada….”

Same sex bill passes in midnight Senate vote ( Vancouver Sun, July 20, 2005)
“…historic change will give gays and lesbians access to civil marriage.”

Things ‘looking very good’ in B.C. ( Vancouver Sun, July 13, 2005)
Forecast: This province is likely to become Canada’s new economic growth engine

B.C. will lead the nation in growth ( Vancouver Sun, July 1, 2005)

Migration to B.C. driving 2005 housing starts ( Vancouver Sun, July 1, 2005)

Get set for 900,000 more people - Immigrants drive Vancouver’s growth ( Vancouver Sun, June 30, 2005)
Growth: Population surge to help sustain economy, fuel construction boom

Money, talent needed in tech sector ( Vancouver Sun, June 30, 2005)
Industry Growth: Experts say technology in B.C. has a bright future if companies can attract the assets they need to grow.”..Today, in a measure of just just how far the technology sector has turned around, one of the biggest worries facing CEOs is attracting talent.”

Biotech revolution ( Vancouver Sun, June 30, 2005)
Life Sciences: British Columbia is playing a leading role on the world stage for research

Number-crunchers needed ( Vancouver Sun, June 30, 2005)
Industry: Accountants are in short supply as B.C.’s economy continues to boom

Hot market forecast to stay through 2006 ( Vancouver Sun, June 30, 2005)
Real Estate: Credit union economist forecasts higher sales and prices in record market expansion

Record employment: 2.132 million people now have jobs in B.C. ( Vancouver Sun , June 11, 2005)

B.C. unemployment rate is the lowest since 1981 ( Vancouver Sun, June 7, 2005)
Stronger growth predicted for B.C. Province will challenge for No. 1 spot, bank economist says

Businesses starting up at record clip in B.C. ( Vancouver Sun, June 1, 2005)

B.C., Alberta economies growing the fastest ( Vancouver Sun, May 4, 2005)

B.C.’s economy tops provinces in 2004 ( Vancouver Sun, April 28, 2005)

Cultural shift takes aim at British Columbia (Vancouver Sun, March 23, 2005)
By 2017 British Columbia is projected to have the highest share of visible minority residents of any province. By 2017, one in three people living in BC will be a member of a visible minority. In Greater Vancouver, the cultural shift will be even more dramatic, as the majority of people in Vancouver -53%-are projected to be members of a visible minority, up from 36% at 2001 the last national census.

Job growth forecast to soar (Vancouver Sun, March 18, 2005)
Job growth in B.C. will rise at its fastest rate in 12 years in 2006, driven by continued consumer spending, rising investment in domestic industries, and low interest rates. B.C. will see “more employment opportunities, more income, more migration, more, more, more.”

Immigrants to Canada more likely to become citizens (Vancouver Sun, March 9, 2005)
The U.S. my pride itself as the original melting pot but figures show that immigrants to Canada are far more likely to become citizens. About 84% of immigrants [to Canada] take out citizenship.

For a long and healthy life, live in B.C. (Globe and Mail, February 1, 2005)
The country’s national life expectancy figure is 79.5 years for both sexes, the ninth-highest in the world. The bright spot is Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia where the life expectancy of 83.4 years is higher even than the Japanese average of 81.4 years the highest national figure in the world.

Job Market in B.C. Brightest in years (Vancouver Sun, January 15, 2005)
British Columbia’s jobless rate hit a record low by the end of 2004 and the outlook for job seekers continues to be optimistic for 2005. The BC unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent. That marks a record low unemployment rate that hasn’t been seen here in BC since 1981. Skilled workers are in demand.

West will lead economic growth: economist (Vancouver Sun, January 13, 2005)
Economic growth will continue to shift westwards in 2005. British Columbia’s economy should grow at a rate of 3.25% to 3.5%, thanks to the convergence of high commodity prices, growth in Asia and interprovincial migration.

We’re ranked either No. 1 or No. 20 (The Province, April 4, 2004)
Vancouver rates tops (No. 1) in Canada and sits high (20th) in ranking of cities in North America when American cities are included. Cities Ranked and Rated Book rates cities based on: economy and jobs; cost of living; climate; education; health and health care; crime; transportation; leisure; arts and culture; quality of life.

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